Richard Overton Elmer Hill

WWII Veterans Meet For The First Time

Austin Resident and WWII Veteran, Richard Overton, met with another WWII Veteran, Elmer Hill, at a local Senior Center this past week. Both 107 years old, they are thought to be the two oldest WWII Veterans in the country. Mr. Overton was recently honored in Washington DC by President Obama, while Mr. Hill is set to go to DC this weekend.

When Mr. Hill was asked what advice he had for younger generations, this is what he offered, “Be good to yourself and your master and be a good citizen, wherever you are, whether it’s Navy, Army or just as a person at the house.” He also added, “I’m not that old. I’ve just been here a very long time.”

Mr. Overton, as we know, enjoys his cigars. (He recently visited Bobalu Cigar Co. and had a great visit!) As he was waiting for his new friend, he joked that he hoped Mr. Hill was bringing the whiskey!

We admire these gentlemen for their youthful spirits and we are eternally grateful for their service to The United States of America!

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