Cigars tunnel burn primarily due to an uneven burn, where the inner part of the cigar burns faster than the outer wrapper. This issue can arise from various factors:

  1. Improper Lighting: If a cigar is not lit evenly across the foot, the burn can start unevenly, causing tunneling as the inner tobacco burns more quickly than the wrapper.
  2. Humidity Issues: Cigars that are too moist or too dry can burn unevenly. Excess moisture can cause the filler to burn slowly, while a dry wrapper can burn too quickly, leading to tunneling.
  3. Construction Flaws: Poorly constructed cigars with unevenly packed filler can cause uneven burning. If the filler is not evenly distributed, some parts will burn faster than others.
  4. Puffing Habits: Puffing too frequently or not frequently enough can affect the burn. Rapid puffing can overheat the cigar and cause an uneven burn, while infrequent puffing can lead to the cigar burning unevenly as it cools down between puffs.
  5. Type of Tobacco: Different types of tobacco burn at different rates. If the blend is not well-balanced, it can lead to uneven burning.

Tips to Avoid Tunnel Burn

  1. Proper Lighting Technique: Ensure the cigar is lit evenly by slowly rotating it while applying a flame to the foot. This ensures an even start.
  2. Maintain Proper Humidity: Store cigars at the correct humidity level (usually around 65-70% RH) to ensure they burn evenly.
  3. Choose Well-Constructed Cigars: Invest in quality cigars from reputable manufacturers known for their consistent construction.
  4. Moderate Puffing: Take moderate, consistent puffs to maintain an even burn and avoid overheating the cigar.
  5. Touch-ups: If you notice an uneven burn starting, use a lighter to correct it by burning the slower-burning parts.

By addressing these factors, you can reduce the chances of your cigars developing a tunnel burn and enjoy a more consistent smoking experience.

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