Some cigars are rolled in newspaper for a few reasons related to tradition, practicality, and marketing:

  1. Tradition and Heritage: In some cultures and regions, particularly in the Caribbean and Latin America, using newspaper to roll cigars has historical roots. It’s a traditional method that has been passed down through generations, especially among local artisans and small-scale producers.
  2. Cost-Effective Packaging: Newspaper is a readily available and inexpensive material, making it an economical choice for cigar packaging. For smaller producers who might not have the resources for more elaborate packaging, newspaper provides a practical solution.unwrapping newspaper cigar start
  3. Aging Process: Some aficionados believe that the newspaper can help with the aging process of cigars. The paper can absorb some of the oils and moisture, potentially affecting the flavor and aroma of the cigars in a unique way.
  4. Environmental Considerations: Using recycled newspaper can be seen as an environmentally friendly option, reducing the need for new packaging materials and promoting recycling practices.
  5. Marketing and Aesthetics: The use of newspaper can also be a marketing tactic. It gives the cigars a rustic, artisanal feel that appeals to consumers looking for authentic, handcrafted products. The unique presentation can set these cigars apart from others on the market.

In summary, cigars rolled in newspaper are often a reflection of cultural heritage, practicality, and a desire to offer a distinctive product to consumers.

unwrapping newspaper cigar maduro

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