Which Is The Best Humidor?

One of the most important aspects of being an avid cigar smoker is keeping your cigars in good shape. Choosing a well built humidor is the best way to ensure that your investment of cigars will stay fresh until you are ready to smoke them.

First, decide how many cigars you want to store. Consider how many cigars you already have, then decide if you want a little extra room to grow your collection. Next, when looking at humidors, check for a tight seal. The easiest way to check a Humidor’s seal, is to lift the lid about three to four (3-4) inches, then release the lid and let it fall closed. It should make a “whoosh” sound.

If you are satisfied with the seal, then check to see if the liner is Spanish Cedar that has been kiln dried. Lastly, make sure you are purchasing from a reputable cigar shop, like Bobalu Cigar Co.!


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