Tres Capa, The Barber Pole Cigar, And A Stiff Breeze

Just had an exciting day at the dentist office, yippity dippity, I couldn’t think of a better way to waste a beautifully hot and humid day other than being poked and prodded by various instruments of torture. As I relax, I decide I would finish up a review I started writing last night and never got to finish. The setting, a dark hot breezy night, the location, next to an old abandoned building at the campus I work at, the time, lunch break. The cigar? A Bobalu Tres Capa (The Barber Pole Cigar) Shall we begin?

The Tres Capa is aptly named due to its barber pole stripes, made with, you guessed it, three different wrappers, candela, habano and Connecticut, giving this robusto sized cigar a signature three stripes. Most barber pole type cigars feature just two different wrappers, and I have seen some with upwards of five or more.  While doing the sniff test, I was met with what to me, seemed like the smell from black tea leaves. Odd I know, maybe my nose is messed up from all the pollen in the air. I decided to go with my v cutter on this one, I was too lazy to search for my usual punch cutter. When its this hot and humid, even at night, don’t tell me you wouldn’t pull a short cut. After doing the snip, it was time for the dry draw which revealed a stiff but good draw. Excellent.

Lets start rubbing a couple sticks together and fire it up. Let me say up front, I have had barber pole cigars in the past, yes they are good, but usually have a white pepper and grassy flavor to them due to the candela wrapper. This one is not like the others. When I fired it up, it started off real spicy, black pepper, leather and a touch of sweetness. After a few minutes the flavors mellowed out to sweetness, leather, earth, slight pepper from the habano, and a hint of cocoa and nuttiness. Very flavorful. The only real issue I had with this cigar was an uneven burn, but then again I was smoking outside in a stiff breeze, so I can’t really say it was due to construction issues. This is a good mild to medium cigar, with good smooth flavors.  Compared to, say, the Asylum barber poles, I think this one has a more developed flavor profile, the addition of the habano was an excellent choice to add that extra depth. I am not sure what I will smoke tonight, seeing as my gums are trying to heal after that torture session. Either way, I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, and I hope you like my reviews, I am always open to suggestions, criticisms, comments and complaints. Until next time, smoke something, and taa taa from Northern NY.


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