When tasting a cigar, there are many different components that make up the flavors. Wood is a flavor that is often detected in cigars, especially in milder cigars wrapped in Connecticut Shade Wrappers.

In this article, we will discussing the varied wood flavors.

Cedar – Many cigars are aged in Cedar Lined Humidors or boxed in Cedar Cabinets and will carry this flavor into your smoking experience.

Oak – Some cigars come by this flavor naturally and some are encased in Oak Barrels to obtain this. It is often associated with a “dry” taste similar to the experience of drinking a dry wine.

Smoky – This is a term used when a Hickory or Mesquite flavor is detected.

Next time you have a Bobalu Cigar, see if you can detect any of these wood flavors discussed. Remember, different tastes are detected by different people when smoking a cigar. Your smoking experience is as unique as you are!


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