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Tasting A Cigar, Part One

There are many different components that culminate when tasting a cigar.

To start, we will take a look at the different plant tastes that can be detected when smoking a cigar.

Grass, Hay and Moss – Milder cigars often can have a grass flavor, especially those in Connecticut Shade Wrappers. Hay can also be detected at times. It is similar to a grassy flavor with a barnyard component. Sometimes, the milder cigars have a mossy flavor, which is a combination of an earthy taste and grassy flavor.

Tea – Heavily aged cigars often have a tea flavor.

Tobacco – While this may seem obvious, “Tobacco” is often used to describe a flavor in the stronger cigars.

Vegetal – This flavor is likened to flavors that resemble “green plants”.

In an upcoming post, we will be exploring the “woodsy” flavors often associated with cigar tastes.

Tell us your favorite “Plant Taste”.

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