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How To Properly Light  A Cigar

After ordering your cigars and lighters from Bobalu Cigar Co. you will need to make sure that you are using proper technique to light your stogie to get the optimal enjoyment.

According to an article about how to properly light a cigar in Stogie Fresh, to get an even burn in your smoke, you must take time to get it lighted properly. If you rush through this first stage, it may affect the entire experience. Start with toasting the cigar. “To obtain a proper toast, hold your cigar between your thumb and middle finger while keeping the palm of your hand at a forty five degree angle to the floor. With your opposite hand, ignite your lighter and slowly bring the flame closer to the foot of the cigar. As you slowly move the flame closer to the foot, watch for any discoloration or smoke coming from the foot of the cigar. Once the foot of the cigar begins to emit a small amount of smoke, stop moving the flame towards your cigar. Usually, the flame tip will be just touching the foot or a slight distance away from the foot. Once the flame is at the correct distance from the foot, slowly begin rotating the cigar between your thumb and middle finger. This will help you to avoid overheating a single spot of the foot. (You may alternately choose to move the flame in a circular motion around the foot of the cigar.) As you rotate the cigar slowly, move the lighter with a minor wrist movement to evenly darken the foot of your cigar. You will know to extinguish your flame when the foot of the cigar is uniformly darkened and you have a thin glowing burn-ring around foot portion of the wrapper.”

Once the cigar is toasted, continue lighting the cigar while taking gentle puffs. Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the burn.

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Credit: Stogie Fresh: The Burning Question: Burn Issues In Cigars


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