Pro Cigar Starter Kit


Our Pro Cigar Starter Kit, Everything you need to smoke and store your fine cigars. Includes and 50ct Ebony Premium humidor, Triple torch lighter, Bullet cutter, cigar punch, leather carry case, humidor solution, fuel for the lighter as well as 15 great Bobalu cigars.

* 50 Ebony Premium Glass Top Humidor

* 15 Bobalu Cigar Sampler

* Triple V Flame Torch

* Key Chain Punch

* Bullet Stainless Cigar Cutter

* Humidor Solution

* Leather Cigar Case

* Premium Butane Fuel

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Don’t forget a cigar cutter! 

Bobalu is Austin’s Finest Cigar Store!

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Play cigar match game and win free cigars

Bobalu Cigar Company is excited to announce a new online game that offers a chance to win a FREE Texas Select cigar.

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