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Myths And Facts About Cigars

Virgin Thighs

Myth: In Cuba, cigars are rolled on the thighs of virgins.

Truth: This is an absurd concept which sounds interesting and amusing to some, but is not grounded in reality.

Cuban Seed

Myth: Cuban Seed = Quality

Truth: Cuban Seeds, grown inside or outside of Cuba, can produce both good and bad cigars. There is no direct correlation between product quality and Cuban Seeds. There are far too many variables impacting the quality of tobacco and cigars, like soil, climate, rain, fermentation, blending, rolling, etc… This myth was started after the American embargo on Cuba when cigar makers wanted to enhance the perceived value and quality of their own brands.

Body = Strength

Myth: The body and strength of a cigar are the same and/or related.

Truth: Body, in terms of flavor (taste+aroma) profile, does not necessarily correlate with the Strength of a cigar. Strength refers to nicotine potency or the intensity of spice – two separate factors. Body is a flavor descriptor which can refer to the depth, breadth, and richness of a tobacco (flavor). So, a strong cigar can be medium bodied, while a full-bodied cigar can be mild or medium strength. As an example, imagine that chicken has a mild body, while beef has a richer body, yet both can be spicy/strong, depending on how they are seasoned.

Refrigerate Cigars

Myth: Keeping cigars in your household refrigerator will keep them “fresh” (or optimally conditioned).

Truth: Refrigerators are far too dry to keep cigars optimally conditioned and the more humid “crisper” drawer is also inadequate.

Spanish Cedar Necessary

Myth: Humidors and Cigar boxes need to be lined with Spanish Cedar.

Truth: Spanish Cedar is not necessary. It was historically and geographically convenient and practical. While it may be a valid taste+aroma preference, it is not required.

Cigar Licking

Myth: An entire cigar should be thoroughly licked/wet-down before being smoked.

Truth: This practice was common a century ago when humidification was not as accurate and consistent as it is today. Wetting the wrapper would help keep the cigar from unravelling, but it is not necessary when smoking a well conditioned cigar.

Angled Cut

Myth: Some people claim that cutting the cap/head of a cigar on an angle helps aim the smoke directly to the palate and enhances taste.

Truth: In contrast to a Perfect Cut, an angled cut jeopardizes the integrity of the cigar head and may lead to it unravelling. In addition, a mouth filled with smoke will taste the smoke, whether it is aimed at the tongue or not. The other down side of an angled cut is that the heat of the combusted cigar will be aimed directly at the tongue.

Self Sharpening Cutter

Myth: Some Double Guillotines are believed to sharpen themselves.

Truth: This is untrue; the physics of metal sharpening have nothing in common with the way Double Guillotines function.

Packaging = Quality

Myth: It is natural to perceive and equate beauty with quality; this is a natural human trait.

Truth: Many cigars with the simple packaging are extraordinary and many cigars have extraordinary packaging which is not commensurate with the product.

Strength = Body

Myth: Full-Bodied cigars are Strong. And Strong cigars must be Full-Bodied.

Truth: A cigar can have a Full-Body and not be Strong. Strength relates to Nicotine intensity and Spice, but not necessarily profound flavor.

Cigars Attract Hot Women

Myth: While sexuality is used by many companies to lure customers to their products, this usually has nothing to do with the actual product. There are many companies that advertise and promote their cigars with attractive and/or scantily clad women – the implication being that ‘these cigars attract women like this’.

Truth: Using sex and sexuality to sell cigars may get attention or momentarily make the product seem to taste better (see Emotional Taste Perception), but the effect is short lived.

Absolutes Depend

Myth: “This is the Best Cigar”, “This brand must age _____ months/years” and any other Absolute Statements are typically wrong in the world of luxury tobacco.

Truth: Everything in the world of luxury tobacco DEPENDS on one variable or another. Every batch, type, and crop of tobacco leaf is different. There are no Absolute time periods for growing, fermentation, or aging. There are no Absolute ways to quantify or qualify taste. There are absolutely no Absolutes in luxury tobacco: Everything Depends…

Maduros Are Stronger

Myth: Dark Maduro wrappers give consumers the impression that Maduro cigars are stronger.

Truth: While Maduros undergo a longer Fermentation, they do not increase in strength, rather they become richer and a little sweeter, as the sugars develop.

Perfect Consistency

Myth: Perfect Consistency Exists.

Truth: It is impossible to create a perfectly consistent cigar and blend from one batch to another, much less from one crop/year to another. In addition, it is impossible to construct every cigar perfectly. The nature of handmade cigars requires some deviation. It is OK for a cigar to burn a little crooked and for cigars to taste a little different from batch to batch. In fact, the human senses cannot taste or smell perfectly, so we would not even recognize Perfect Consistency if it were possible.

Perfect Consistency is more likely to be found in the wine and/or spirits industry where the final product is a liquid. Liquids are much easier to measure, rate, and blend, so the final product is more likely to be consistent.

Lost & Found [Cuban] Tobaccos

Myth: The classic marketing story about a long lost batch of perfectly conditioned tobacco being discovered and used to create a ‘once in a lifetime’ cigar.

Truth: The ‘Truth’ is hard to find in this case. Discovering the how, what, when, and where of a ‘re-discovered’ tobacco is difficult, if not impossible to prove.

Cuban Cigars Are “The Best”

This is the mother of all cigar myths, probably because it was true decades ago and can occasionally seem true today. Cuba is the birthplace of great tobaccos, seeds, and cigars, but time has moved us forward. Great Tobacconists and Consumers everywhere know that our ‘Cigar Renaissance’ exists mostly because of the efforts and products created by those outside of Cuba. Today, claiming that ‘I only smoke Cubans’ or ‘Cuban cigars are the best’ is the last bastion of ignorance, uneducated pompousness, or extreme prejudice; and of course, taste is subjective.

Romanticism plays a big part in the world of luxury tobacco. It is a romantic process to smoke a great cigar; sitting back watching the smoke, smelling the aromas, tasting the notes of flavor, and savoring your time. Luxury tobacco is inherently sensual and romantic. But real romance and pleasure need no embellishment. And the actual magic and wonder of luxury tobacco is enough, without the myths and lies. Enhanced appreciation requires Enlightenment, and that requires The Truth.

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