The journey of a cigar from seed to retail sale is intricate, involving numerous steps and skilled labor at each stage. Here’s an estimated breakdown of how many hands touch a cigar during its production:

  1. Seed Selection and Planting
    • Hands involved: 2-3
    • Tasks: Selecting seeds, planting seeds, and maintaining nursery.
  2. Transplanting Seedlings to Fields
    • Hands involved: 3-5
    • Tasks: Preparing fields, transplanting seedlings, and initial care.
  3. Growing and Tending the Plants
    • Hands involved: 5-10tobacco field
    • Tasks: Watering, fertilizing, pest control, and regular maintenance.
  4. Harvesting
    • Hands involved: 5-10
    • Tasks: Picking leaves at different stages, categorizing leaves, and initial drying.
  5. Curing
    • Hands involved: 3-5
    • Tasks: Hanging leaves in curing barns, monitoring humidity and temperature.
  6. Fermentation
    • Hands involved: 3-5
    • Tasks: Stacking leaves for fermentation, turning piles, and quality control.
  7. Sorting and Stripping
    • Hands involved: 5-10
    • Tasks: Sorting leaves by quality, stripping veins, and preparing for aging.
  8. Aging
    • Hands involved: 2-3
    • Tasks: Monitoring aging conditions, moving leaves as necessary.
  9. Blending
    • Hands involved: 2-3
    • Tasks: Selecting and blending leaves for consistency and flavor.
  10. Rolling
    • Hands involved: 5-10hand made cigars
    • Tasks: Rolling cigars, quality control, and finishing touches.
  11. Aging the Rolled Cigars
    • Hands involved: 2-3
    • Tasks: Monitoring the aging process of rolled cigars.
  12. Banding and Packaging
    • Hands involved: 3-5
    • Tasks: Applying bands, boxing cigars, and preparing for shipping.
  13. Distribution and Retail
    • Hands involved: 3-5
    • Tasks: Shipping, handling at warehouses, and retail preparation.

Adding up these estimates:

  • Seed Selection and Planting: 2-3 hands
  • Transplanting Seedlings: 3-5 hands
  • Growing and Tending: 5-10 hands
  • Harvesting: 5-10 hands
  • Curing: 3-5 hands
  • Fermentation: 3-5 hands
  • Sorting and Stripping: 5-10 hands
  • Aging: 2-3 hands
  • Blending: 2-3 hands
  • Rolling: 5-10 hands
  • Aging Rolled Cigars: 2-3 hands
  • Banding and Packaging: 3-5 hands
  • Distribution and Retail: 3-5 hands

Total: 43 to 77 hands

Thus, an estimated 43 to 77 pairs of hands touch a cigar from seed to retail sale, illustrating the labor-intensive nature of cigar production.

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