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Generation America, Sleeplessness and Buddy Holly Songs

I just got off work, its 2:58am, at home and can’t sleep. Being a beautiful night out here in Northern NY, clear skies and 56 degrees out, I figured I would grab a cigar, throw on some music (classic Buddy Holly songs for this occasion) and pound on the keyboard like a rabid monkey looking for a banana. Good luck monkey, with my superior technique of two fingered hen pecking, I feel I will be more successful. Besides, I have Buddy on my side.

Tonight’s selection is the limited run Generation America, proudly made in the USA, in the great state of Texas, and made up of aged Dominican fillers, Dominican binder and a milk chocolate brown Sumatra wrapper. The sniff test revealed a nice barnyard smell that I like so much, it triggers memories of working on my grandfathers farm when I was growing up. Summers in the hay field when it was 100 degrees slinging bales of hay….the burning sensation as the sweat from your arms gets into the thousands of scratches from the hay…..the satisfying feeling of accomplishment of working in the field all day, and doing it at the age of 10. No, I am not just rambling here, this does tie into the cigar.

You see, this cigar is proudly made in the USA from hard work and development. This nation was founded on the hard work of our forefathers, if it was not for them, where would we be? You look back and see how the people of this great nation worked their fingers to their bone, and did you ever hear complaining? No. They worked hard and they had pride in what they did. These days the younger generations have no idea what it’s like to work hard, they just want stuff given to them for nothing. Sorry guy with the 400 piercings in your face and the scalp tattoo of a Japanese symbol you don’t really know what it means, who complains about not being able to get a job. Sure, you have the freedom and right to look like what you want, the people before you fought and worked their lives away in order for you to have that freedom. Now its your part to do the same for the next generation. Sittin’ and bitchin’ ain’t gonna do it. But I digress.

Anyway, this cigar is I’m sure, is part of the pride and joy of what is Bobalu Cigars. An American company making made in the US products. Big thumbs up, and a damn good product it is. Real nice flavors of leather, earth, a slight nuttiness, some pepper showing up after about a 3rd was smoked for a nice little change up, and I never thought I would ever say this, but it does have a “chewy” smoke. It feels thick and coats your mouth, very enjoyable. The draw is damn near perfect, no issues with construction, it needed a couple touch ups with the lighter but nothing major to be concerned about. The red, white and blue band with Generation America proudly presented on the cigar band was a great touch too. Not only is it a great cigar, the price itself is a bargain, a box of 10 for $49, excellent deal. I know it says this is a Dominican filled and bound cigar, but it reminds me of some of the finer Nicaraguan cigars that are double the price. I recommend these. Buy them. Now. You will not be disappointed. If you are, don’t blame me, and go to a doctor to get your taste buds checked out.

Until next time, light up a cigar, relax, and think about how great of a country you live in, and be thankful to those that helped make it that way.

~Joe Shanty~

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