E-Cigarettes are all the rage. We got them at a great price!


bobalu elecronic cigarettes
bobalu elecronic cigarettes


bobalu e cigarette starter kit
bobalu e cigarette starter kit


OK, so how does an E-Cigarette work?

An E-Cigarette is a cigarette-sized tube with a colored LED light on the end, containing a battery and an atomizer cartridge that holds liquid. When the user draws in, a pressure-activated switch turns on a mini heating element and produces a vapor that looks like smoke.This vapor is essentially the same smoke commonly seen in nightclubs, concerts and theatres in fog generators when used for special effects. The vapor can also contain nicotine in doses regulated by the user, and a variety of flavors: among them chocolate, mint, tobacco, apple, and many others. Users can even get the flavor of their favorite brand of cigarettes.

How do E-Cigarettes compare in cost to regular tobacco smoking?

An E-Cigarette cartridge lasts about 20 times longer than a standard tobacco cigarette. Economically, the E-Cigarette can cost significantly less than standard tobacco, with an Honest 50% 80% savings being possible with the right E-cigarette.

How does E-Smoking compare to regular tobacco smoking?

From a physical sensation perspective, they are remarkably similar, which is why it is an excellent substitute or alternative to tobacco smoking. One of the challenges in transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to E-cigarettes is that users have to prepare in advance. With E-Cigarettes, users have to charge a battery, or they could be out of luck later. To make the batteries last all day, chargers are available that plug into household power, a car, or even your USB port on a computer. Carrying a back-up battery is also recommended.Users also want to keep a supply of cartridges on hand to replace used cartridges. These can be pre-assembled flavorings and nicotine levels, or mixed from a bulk container to meet the user’s flavor and nicotine expectations. A little accessory kit and instruction booklet will allow the user to maintain their unit.

Are E-Cigarettes safe?

This is an ongoing debate in the United Sates, where the E-cigarettes have yet to be officially recognized as a “Smoking Cessation Device” by the Food and Drug Administration. Understand that E-cigarettes are probably a healthier alternative to tobacco, but can still contain nicotine, which is a health hazard. Again, in our view you must compare the issues of tobacco smoking to the E-Cigarettes to get a proper perspective as to which is the healthier choice.* Recently, researchers in New Zealand conducted a health study for the original designer for the Electronic Cigarette, Ruyon of Hong Kong. The results were enlightening.

How much healthier are E-Cigarettes?

The moral question is whether eliminating the 4000 chemicals introduced into cigarettes by the tobacco manufacturers and released by burning tobacco is a better choice for you. We sure think it is. Hopefully the U.S. government will expedite their approval process and support this new alternative to smoking as an effective way to eliminate tobacco-caused health risks. *

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