Cigars 101…Cigar Terms is full of great information about cigars including some of the most used terms when referring to cigars. Here are a few that have to do with the construction of a cigar:

The tobacco leaf that holds the filler of the cigar together. Chosen for its durability, the binder is normally a coarse leaf that is often found on the upper part of the tobacco plant. 

A small, round piece of wrapper leaf attached to the head of a cigar. The purpose of the cap is to secure the wrapper. 

Cigar Band
The label that sits around the head of a cigar. 

The tobacco leaves that make up the body of a cigar. A combination of leaves from the top, middle and bottom of the tobacco plant are normally used for the filler. 

The end of the cigar that you light. The foot of a cigar is usually pre-cut. 

Ring Gauge
The thickness, or diameter of a cigar.

The tobacco leaf that is wrapped around the filler and binder of a cigar. A cigar’s wrapper should be perfect: no wrinkles, spots, veins or tears should be evident. 

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