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How To Choose A Humidor For Cigars

Choosing a quality humidor is important to keep your cigars in good shape. According to Cigar World, there are three questions that you need to ask before making your purchase.

1.  What will you use it for? If you are you taking a few cigars on vacation, you can get by with a travel humidor. If you are looking to store and age your cigars, you will at least need a tabletop humidor.

2. How many cigars are you storing? If you are just starting out as a cigar smoker, you will most likely want to get a humidor that is somewhat larger so that you will be able to grow your collection. There are many different thoughts about how much bigger a humidor you should buy. You’re best bet is to find a trusted Cigar Shop that can advise you.

3. How’s the seal? The humidor needs to close tightly in order to keep the proper humidity. You can test a humidor by putting a dollar bill in the front of the humidor and close the lid. If you can easily pull the dollar bill out, the humidor does not have a tight enough seal.




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