Is It Time To Buy Cuban Cigars?

With the United States and Cuba normalizing relations comes the possibility of getting Cuban Cigars legally as a U.S. Resident. A novel idea to most of us for sure.

Now, the big question…Are Cuban Cigars all that they are cracked up to be? According to an article in the Washington Post, Cigar Aficionado, annually publishes a list of the top 25 cigars in the world. Last year, the number one cigar was the Montecristo no. 2, which is made in Cuba. But only two of the remaining 24 also came from the country.

While there is a mystique surrounding the forbidden Cuban Cigar, there is also much uncertainty about the consistency of quality. Many other countries have stepped up their game when it comes to making premium cigars that rival even the best of the Cuban’s products.

For instance, Bobalu Cigar Co., in Austin, Texas, has been hand rolling premium cigars for well over 17 years. In fact, they hire superstar cigar rollers who lived in and were trained in some of Cuba’s best cigar rolling factories. Combine that with the premium tobacco that Bobalu uses for their Cigars and you have some of the finest smokes available in the U.S.!

So what do you think…are you going to pay $400.00+ per box and 30-40 bucks a stick and risk ending up with counterfeit cigars? Let us know!

If you’d like more information about Bobalu Cigar Co., please visit our website.

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