OK so here what grossly over taxing is doing to small business. The Texas legislature has raised the tax on pipe tobacco 775%. When a bag (1lb) cost me $8.33 per pound and the taxes are $20.00+ dollars (the federal tax is $2.8311 the state tax is $18.56) something is definitely wrong. Even worse roll your own cigarette tobacco is taxed $24.78 federal and $18.56 state. The moron behind this Lloyd Doggett thinks this is a great idea. Now here is the reality from the business prospective, I am no longer carrying any loose tobacco or pipe tobacco. All my customers will buy their pipe tobacco online or from neighboring states with less taxes. So my business suffers, people still get their tobacco, other states profit from sales, my state loses revenue from both tobacco taxes and sales tax. Are you sick of this yet?     read the article below, it is very interesting

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