#10 does your big mac ever look like this?

Ten small things that seem to aggrevate me. (in no particular order)

#1 Get disconnected on a cell phone, immediately call back and it goes to voice mail.
#2 Your first sip of a soda and the fizz goes up your nose.
#3 Try to stop a printing job in the middle and the printer still prints another 2 pages before stopping.
#4 People that enter a freeway with speed limit of 65 and want to merge in doing 35.
#5 when your seatbelt in your car refuses to retract back into the seat after use.
#6 when the DVD you rented has a bad spot at the the most important part of the movie.
#7 when politicians say anything
#8 Rebates and ads for prices with rebate. like someone ever gets one?
#9 people that think Starbucks is good coffee
#10 the meal you ordered looks nothing like the picture on the menu.
Do you have one I missed. I am putting together a master list of aggrevating things. Please send yours. jeff

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