xxxl triple lijero

In Part Three of Tasting A Cigar, we will be discussing some of the different Spice Flavors that can be detected when smoking a cigar.

Cinnamon – Cigars with a lot of Lijero are known for tasting like a red hot cinnamon candy. Lijero is a type of tobacco leaf that is near the top of the tobacco plant. It  is often found in full-bodied cigars.

Cumin – Is said to be a woodsy or musky flavor.

Licorice – This flavor is often detected in the cigar’s “sweet spot” or near the finish.

Pepper – Often found in Corojo Wrapped Cigars. Sometimes, Red, White or Black Pepper tastes can be detected.

There are times that cigars are described simply as “Spicy“. This usually happens when a cigar has very strong pepper flavors or perhaps a strong combination of flavors common is baked goods. Two other spices that are sometimes detected are Cardamom and Clove.

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