Nicaraguan Cigars

In this final segment of tasting a cigar, we will be discussing various “other” flavors, tastes and sensations associated with smoking a cigar.

Earth – Found in some Nicaraguan cigars, an “Earthy” taste entails soil, must or moss flavors.

Mineral – When a “lead” taste is detected in a cigar, it is said to have a Mineral flavor.

Must – This is a combination of “Earthy” and “Dusty” flavors. Sometimes used to describe a Cuban Cigar.

Dry – Used as a description when a cigar leaves a “Dry” taste in your mouth. It is a similar sensation to drinking a dry wine.

Chewy – This term is used to describe a cigar that has a texture to it.

Floral – If there is a perfume smell when smoking a cigar, it is described as “Floral“.

Hopefully, this series on tasting a cigar will enhance your cigar smoking experience. Next time you are kicking back with a Bobalu Cigar, think of these descriptive terms and try writing a review. We always want to hear from our Bobalu Fans!



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