maduro robusto sampler

In this segment of tasting a cigar, we are discussing the different Food Flavors that can be detected in your smoking experience.

Caramel – Sometimes found in Cameroon Wrapped Cigars.

Chocolate – Usually detected in the finish of a cigar and often found in Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapped Cigars.

Coffee – If found, it is usually in the sweet spot or finish of the cigar.

Cream – This term is used to describe the smoothness of a cigar’s taste. Most often the cigars are mild and wrapped in Connecticut Shade.

Honey -This flavor  is usually picked up in heavily aged cigars.

Meaty – When a cigar reminds you of the taste of a grilled meat. Maduros can have this flavor.

Char – Is a description used when the meaty cigar has a smoky element to it.

Mocha – Used as a description when both chocolate and coffee flavors are present.

Sweet – There are sweet tipped cigars, a favorite to many, then there are naturally sweet cigars. Maduros are sometimes described as having a sweet flavor.

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