Pre-Release Box Press Torpedo Cigars

Do you like to be first?


Don’t you love to be the first one to get cool new stuff and be the envy of all your friends?

Well Bobalu’s got exactly what you need!



Pre-Release Box Press Torpedo Collection


These beautiful and tasty cigars come in 3 different wrappers and all feature our brand new and extremely tasty, “Dominican 53 Blend”.


You’ve got the hear this story…


We’ve recently brought on some new Cuban rollers that just arrived in town. They brought with them some unbelievable skills and helped me put together the “Dominican 53 Blend”. In my mind, this will be a fabulous addition to the Bobalu line, and ultimately will become one of our new Premium lines.


But I want to hear what you think… That’s why I’m making this extremely limited opportunity for you to be the first ever to try these awesome cigars! I’m hoping that once you taste them, you’ll help spread the word by posting a review on and even talking it up on the online Cigar boards if you’re a member.


Hurry, we’ve only made a handful of these bundles, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. So don’t delay, add the new Pre-Release Box Press cigars to your cart right now!


Box Press 15 Cigar Bundle Pre-release:

5 Maduro San Andres

5 Connecticut Shade

5 Habano (Ecuador)

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