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Planning An Event This Summer?

Bobalu has been the hit of the party for over 17 years now! Our rollers have been at all types of events including weddings, corporate events, golf outings, motorcycle rallies and well, you name it, we’ve been there! So if you’re looking to add something amazing to your next event, give Jeff a call at 1-888-33-CIGAR.  You can also check out our website here.

In the meantime, we found this great article about planning an outdoor event. Here are the highlights:

1. Increase satisfaction. Attendees love events under the stars and in the sun and fresh air.
2. Be creative. Utilize the natural landscape and scenery to create a fun, exciting or exotic theme for your event.
3. Enjoy both night and day. Nighttime events are always special but a daytime event at the right venue can be exceptional.
4. Make a quick recovery. Look for high-end artificial turf and an extensive drainage system to assure that no mud or puddles and very quick recovery in case of rain.
5. Get the power. Try to find outdoor venues with “power drop boxes” that prevent visible cords from running across walking and dining areas to connect to indoor plugs.
6. Let there be fire. People tend to gather near fire pits or fountains and they often come with an interesting design and built-in seating.
7. Use a tent. Create a more intimate atmosphere, seclude a speaker, contain noise level or prevent any weather concerns with a tent.
8. Eat well. Use a smoker to fill the air with the smell of a barbeque, fireworks, food trucks or host a sporting event. The sky is the limit!
9. Take a bathroom break. Look for outdoor venues that have convenient bathroom locations.
10. Just in case…Be flexible and creative when dealing with weather conditions. Look for a back-up plan but consider a tent or changing your theme to make everything come together.

Credits: Top 10 Tips for Hosting an Outdoor Event – Successful Meetings

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