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Pet Peeves 2: The Noob

So here it is, the second installment in my series of cigar pet peeves. This one in particular gets under my skin in that it is so petty and pointless, why do it. What? You ask, what is it that for which you speak of?

Well, quite frankly, its people who are new to cigars, and yet for whatever reason, they feel the need to either lie or have a need to impress other cigar smokers. The Noob insecurity I call it.

For example, I post a pic of whatever it is I may be smoking, and someone might comment on it. Great, I like interaction with other cigar smokers. It’s about the community, learning, and seeing what’s out there to try.

Then I get a message that says, how long have you been smoking cigars? Well, on and off since I was 18, so a few years. Response: that’s cool, I started a week ago and I have a lot of Cubans. My thoughts, good for you, I am not impressed and I know you are full of crap.

I mean, yes, we all start somewhere, but why the need to try to make yourself look like something you are not? Not only that, but I could care less if you are smoking a White Owl Grape or a $20,000 Cuban that was rolled and blessed by heavenly cherubs.

Smoke what you like and can afford, there is no need for bragging or trying to impress people. Hell, the first time I smoked a premium cigar, I didn’t even know what a cutter was, and ended up using a pencil to poke a hole in the cap. Be Modest.

It’s a lot like the guys that have the plastic scrotum attached to the bumper of their jacked up truck, what message are you trying to convey? That you are a big bad ass? Or perhaps your truck has more balls than you do? Or maybe your girl chopped yours off….but anyway, getting a little off topic.

Cigar smokers are, in a large part, a brother/sister hood. We all get along, we like what we smoke, and smoke what we can afford. Nothing at all against cigar noobs, I am more than happy to help people who are new to cigars, there is still a lot of things I am learning, but I do like to pass along my knowledge, but please, if you are new, there is no need to puff your chest, say you started smoking yesterday and there’s nothing better than the $200 Cuban you just finished.

First off, we can see through your crap, and secondly, it will make us back away from you so you will lose out on the experience and knowledge of us veteran cigar smokers. On that note, back to listening to the Bloodhound Gang, and to go through my humidor to see what to light up.

Until next time, don’t be insecure, don’t put a plastic scrotum on your car, and light up a cigar and enjoy it.


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