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Let’s support the military! Following is a letter we recently received regarding some of our fine men and women serving our country in Afghanistan. Please share this story as it reminds us how important it is that our troops get little bits of comfort sent to them from home while they are serving so far away!

Hi Jeff, just wanted to thank you again for the great cigars and the great customer service!  I’ve attached a couple of photos of my wife and some of her staff over at Bagram.  She started up “Susan’s Cigar Saturdays” to get everyone together and relax.  A couple of her soldiers gathered up some scrap lumber and built a smoking shelter, which is where they are in the picture.  Pics aren’t the greatest as they had to take them at night.  Trying to get another order together for some of the soldiers who wanted their own box, will let you know.

Thanks again,

Bobalu offers 15% off to active military members!

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