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How much do you know about the history of cigars? Take a look at this timeline and test your knowledge…

1492 – Columbus stopped in Cuba and saw the natives smoking a crude form of a cigar. It was tobacco wrapped with maize and was smoked during religious ceremonies. Columbus took the tobacco leaves back to Spain where smoking was admonished for being a pagan ritual. At first, smoking was punishable by imprisonment.

Circa 1495 – Smoking cigars became an accepted practice and eventually, Spain built an entire industry around cigars. Seville, Spain is considered the birthplace of the modern cigar.

1821 – Spain allowed Cuba to manufacture cigars, instead of assembling the cigars themselves. Thus, the beginning of the Cuban Cigar!

Circa 1860 – Cigars started becoming popular in the United States. Factories were opening in New York, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. One of the first factories built was in Conestoga, Pennsylvania and that is where the term “Stogie” started.

Circa 1960 – The United States imposed an embargo against Cuba, making it illegal for US Citizens to import any goods from the country. Also, health concerns about smoking rose during this period.

1971 – Cigarette advertising was banned on television, but a loophole allowed manufacturers to advertise small cigars. Consequently, sales of small cigars quadrupled between 1971 – 1973.

1990’s – After years of declining sales, cigar smoking became a hot fad and sales rose dramatically. Between 1993 and 1998 sales of premium cigars more than tripled. It is thought that the upscale lifestyle portrayed in Cigar Aficionado had some influence on increasing the popularity of smoking cigars.

1997 – Bobalu Cigar Co. opened its doors to redefine premium hand rolled cigars! Our experienced rollers use only the finest fillers and wrappers available. The result is great, fresh cigars every single day!

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