Half Price Torpedo Cigars Ends Today!

You’ve gotta love the Torpedo Cigar and admire the craftsmanship it takes to roll these beauties. Plus, if you cut them just right, then you can direct the smoke directly onto the most sensitive part of the taste buds for an immensely enjoyable smoke,  YUM!!!

Plus, to light your torpedos perfectly, and blow away all your cigar smoking buddies, we want to give you our SUPER HOT, Quad Flame Torch Lighter when you purchase $100 or more.

These offers apply to online orders only, although you may pick up your cigars at either Bobalu location if you live locally.  If not, we’ll ship you’re cigars anywhere within the US or any US military base around the world (so why not send your favorite soldier a care package he’ll love 🙂

Order Now!

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Play cigar match game and win free cigars

Bobalu Cigar Company is excited to announce a new online game that offers a chance to win a FREE Texas Select cigar.

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