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Golf And Cigars – Bobalu’s Derek rolling cigars at a golf tournament

Just had to share this great article from iRobusto Blog with our customers; 5 Things About Cigars and Golf.

After “shaking down” a golf superintendent and some henchmen for information, Penny Piva came up with a list of 5 things you need to know when combining golf and cigars:

5  – The groundskeepers prefer golfers to smoke cigars as opposed to cigarettes because cigars are biodegradable and don’t have to be picked up if run over by a lawnmower.

4 – It’s not a good idea to place your cigar on the grass while you are playing. Not only can this mess up the greens, you can end up putting all those wonderful grass maintenance chemicals in your mouth. A handy tip: buy a cigar clip that attaches to your golf bag.

3 – Bring enough cigars to share. Since you’ll be playing with three others, it’s best to bring enough cigars to share. Always remember to ask someone new if they mind you smoking before you light up.

2 – What do you do when you’ve finished with your cigar? Here’s a hint, don’t put it out on the greens, please! Just carry it with you until it goes out on its own, then dispose of it properly.

1 – And the number one tip for combining golf and cigars is… click here

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