Orange Label Super Fuerte Criollo

The Definition of Full Bodied Cigars is subjective composite of the combination of:
•FLAVOR (nutty, smoky, coffee, bitter, woodsy, sweet, etc.),
•DEPTH of flavor (bland, hints, overtones, massive, etc.),
•TEXTURE (creamy, smooth, biting, etc.),
•VOLUME of smoke per puff (thin, generous, thick, etc.)
•AFTERTASTE and its persistence on your palate (a cigar’s “length” or “finish”),
•and to a much lesser degree, IMO, STRENGTH (or nicotine).
A “full bodied cigar” is usually a stronger cigar with masses of flavor, volumes of smoke and a lingering aftertaste. It is full in so many
dimensions, that many smokers refer to this complex set of sensory impressions as “lush” or “chewy” or “huge”.

Bobalu has a great selection of Full Bodied Cigars that are spicy, exciting and sure to please even the most discriminating cigar smoker.

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