designated smoking area


Some of Bobalu’s Great Customers Enjoying A Smoke At The Downtown Location

What Is Your Favorite Designated Smoking Area?

We all know the drill, it’s “no smoking” practically everywhere these days. If you are lucky enough to find an area where you are allowed to light up, how comfortable a place is it?

So, we’d like to know, “Where is your favorite cigar smoking spot”?

For locals  Austinintes, you  can enjoy a smoke in either Bobalu Cigar Co. location. But what do you do when you can’t get to Bobalu? Do you smoke outside your home in the backyard? Do you have a man cave set up so you can smoke anytime you want in your own space? Let us know what you do about finding the best place to enjoy your cigar. We want to hear from you and see your pictures!

In the meantime, be sure to stop into our North Austin Location on Sunday, November 23rd for some football and happy hour. Just think, cigars, football and cigars on sale. What more could you want for your Sunday?

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