Do You Have Dry Cigars?

If you have dry cigars that you would like to bring back to life, it is possible as long as the wrapper hasn’t cracked. Here is the process:

1. Using distilled or bottled water, wipe down the walls of your empty humidor with a damp, not wet cloth.

2. Re-moisten the humidification element with distilled water. Do not try to over-humidify to rush the process as this will likely cause the cigar wrappers to crack.

3. Check that the humidity has resumed the optimal ranget by using a gauge like the one pictured above.

4. Be patient. This process is gradual and can take one to three weeks depending on the ring size of your cigars.

5. When you think the cigars are ready to smoke, push on them to see if they feel slightly spongy. If so, you are good to go!


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