After posting my bad experience with Rick Salinas, Josh Salinas, Ocean Pools,,,groovy pools, and water workz

I have had 4 others currently being ripped off by Rick Salinas of Ocean Pools and his buddy Josh Salinas contact me with there nightmare pool jobs.

I have found many more shell companys and pissed off customers dateing back to 2008.

Basically this is what happens

Rick Salinas underbids your job (to get the job), ask for money 5-10k to start the job. Usually he will get the hole for the pool dug. Then he will ask for more money to get rock, tile, stone etc. Then things grind to a halt. Excuse after excuse. Then he will ask for money to procure the gunite and order equipement. Again moere and more excuses why the workers didn’t show, paid the workers already, etc, etc. He is still a slick talker affirming your job will be right back on track. 6 months later he has most of your money and subs are coming to your door for payment.

I had my pool finished by a professional who had to fix all of Rick Salinas’s shoddy work and finish my pool. It took him 10 days. These guys showed up on time, worked hard, and finished.

two different pool builders said the job was grossly underbid which leads me to believe that this is nothing more than a scam. When Rick’s bid is below what it take to complete the pool, he is scamming you!!!

Please if you are dealing with Rick Salinas, Josh Salinas, and or any of there shell companys please call me @ 512-469-5877 or email at

Since civil lawsuits will do little to recover any monies, so I am taking this to the proper city, district, county or states attorney to file CRIMINAL CHARGES. His pattern of ripping people off is evident and the more people who come forward will only help put this criminal behind bars. SO PLEASE COME FORWARD WITH ANY INFO YOU HAVE!

Groovy Pools

water workz,

Finished Pool


This guy is a crook! was told 45 days to complete my pool 6 month later still not finished. his guy is a joke, a crook and incompatent

DO NOT DUE BUSINESS WITH RICK SALINAS OF OCEAN POOLS, aka,, 4896 Engadina Pass Round Rock, TX 78665


This horrible experience started mid November and now May 15, 2011 I have to get another pool contractor to fix and finish this still unfinished job. Rick Salinas is a smooth talker telling you how good of a job he will do, his experience in Austin / Round Rock area and he has his own crews no sub-contractors. 1st lie. He does not have his own crews ! He does not pay his subs! On 2 separate occasions sub contractors came to my door for payment and upon getting bids for another contractor to finish this job, I was told by 3 or more people in the industry that most won’t work for him because this. 2nd lie. 45 days to complete the job. Almost 6 months later he has refused to finish the job. Now I only paid as progress was done but he asked me for money to purchase equipement. 3rd lie. Never purchased the equipment. Told me he had it on numerous occasions, then 2 weeks ago said he was ordering the equipment??? I never received the equipement. Every word that has come out of Rick Salinas’s mouth was a lie. After I hired a attorney who wrote a letter demanding they finish or be sued, he brought in another contractor named Josh Salinas of Dreamskapes ( ( to try to finish the job. Josh said all the right things but 1 month later virtually nothing has been done. Josh stated he was always waiting for money from Rick and that many of his subs would not show up for ridiculus reasons and that many feared they would not be paid. Of the work Josh was responsible for ALL MUST BE RE-DONE! The tiles were not put on correctly, not level, not enough thinset to assure that the water would not leak into the gunite behind. The concrete decking was poured to shallow to allow cool deck product to be used to be level with the coping. They poured it as if we were using stone not cool deck. Now more concrete must be poured to fix the job. The grading of the deck was also wrong and concrete must now be cut to add drains. The 2 different contractors noticed these problems a few seconds after walking in the back yard. Incompatence! The bottom row of rocks for the waterfall must be redone because it was not properly waterproofed behind. They were supposed to pour a concrete pad for the pool equipment but actually put in some sort of concrete like plastic pad which is a joke. They broke my neighbors fence and did not repair it. I am going to great lengths to expose this crook so another unsuspecting family doesn’t have they dreams crushed by him. If you have any questions feel free to contact me @ 512-469-5877 or

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