Rolando handrolling a Tres Capa Barber Pole Cigar.

Tres Capa Barber Pole style cigar is a unique and limited edition cigar produced by Bobalu Cigar Company, based in Austin, Texas. This cigar is called "barber pole" because it is wrapped in two different wrapper leaves that are intertwined to create a spiral effect that resembles the red, white, and blue pole that barbers use.

The Tres Capa Barber Pole cigar features three different wrapper leaves, including San Andres Maduro, Connecticut Shade, and Habano leaf. The San Andres Maduro wrapper is a dark and oily leaf that imparts rich, bold flavors, while the Connecticut Shade wrapper is a lighter and smoother leaf that offers a more delicate flavor profile. The Habano wrapper is a leaf that is known for its full-bodied, spicy flavor and is often used in premium cigars.

Overall, the Tres Capa Barber Pole cigar is a premium crafted cigar that offers a unique smoking experience. The combination of the different wrapper leaves and the Habano filler tobacco creates a complex and balanced flavor profile that is both enjoyable and memorable. Due to its limited availability, this cigar is highly sought after by cigar enthusiasts who appreciate fine craftsmanship and unique flavor profiles.

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