Cuavas perfecto Maduro

Bobalu’s Cuavas Maduro Cigars And Watching the Sunrise

It’s 5:30AM on what appears to be a start to another beautiful day here in Northern NY, got my coffee, new laptop that I am still breaking in, a mental list of stuff to research on my new laser engraver, and to top it all off, one of Bobalu’s Cuavas Perfecto Maduro Cigars. Could there be any better way to start the day than watching the sun come up? Perfect.

So while researching more crap on the laser engraver (after over a month of waiting, having one get lost in shipping, it finally arrived yesterday), a pretty neat tool, you can engrave or burn images in to various materials. Sure beats doing it by hand like I was doing. Any-who, while looking up tips and tricks on using it, I decide it’s time to light up.

The Cuavas Perfecto Maduro is a deep dark chocolate brown tobacco torpedo. Pointy on both ends and fat in the middle, kind of like me. The wrapper, as said, is a deep dark chocolate brown, with a slight oily sheen with a tasty scent of espresso and dark chocolate. Perfect pairing for coffee, then again I haven’t met a cigar yet that didn’t pair well with coffee, but that’s me.

After the cut, the dry draw revealed a loose easy draw, not bad at all. I know with some cigars that are in this shape, sometimes the draw is harder than my arteries after eating a month of Paula Dean recipes. Deep fried butter topped with butter anyone? I light up and start puffing away.

Right off the bat, the combo of the Maduro and Dominican fillers give way to espresso, dark chocolate, the 90% kind, not that weenie 60%, black coffee and an underlying spice, almost pepperish. Very good flavor profile,and perfect with coffee, and being medium in strength, not too overpowering for those that don’t like to start the day with a kick to the head.

The ash itself is a nice light gray, almost white which really stands out in contrast with Maduro wrapper. The ash held on strong too, to the point that I didn’t even ash myself, which is a rarity. The only real issues I had with this cigar, was the burn. I’m not sure if it was because of the shape or how it was rolled, but the burn liked to go wonky, requiring touch ups. A minor issue, nothing that really took away from the smoking experience. Another issue for me too was the shape, I don’t normally go for cigar shapes that come to a point, like torpedoes and what not, that’s just personal preference, and my physical ability to hold the cigar in my mouth.

Years ago I got a case of E. Coli from, you guessed it, McDonalds, and as a result a lot of my teeth went down the crapper. Lacking my front top teeth, it makes it hard for me to grip it and hold on, but like I said, it’s an issue for me, so its pretty much just a personal one. So why did I buy it if I don’t like that shape? Why, to try something new of course. All in all, I am satisfied with this cigar, which also comes in Habano and Connecticut Shade Wrappers, both of which I have resting in the humidor, just waiting for me to light up, and I am sure I will be doing that in the days to come. So if you like tasty Medium Maduro Cigars, buy some. You will like em. If you don’t, don’t blame me, blame your taste buds.

Until next time, enjoy life with a cigar. Time for me to get this engraver up and running and make some cool stuff to sell.



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