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Cigar Smoking Tips…The 3 C’s Of Judging A Cigar

When choosing the best cigar, you need to consider the construction and condition to ensure a good smoking experience. Causality will be based on your own experience and will determine if the cigar is going to be one of your favorites.

1. Construction – It is important to pick out a cigar that feels consistent to the touch from end to end. If there are hard or soft spots, then the cigar will not draw properly.

2. Condition – Cigars need to be conditioned before smoking. This means they need to be aged for several months to several years at the proper humidity and temperature. If a cigar is too dry, it will burn fast and have a bad taste. If a cigar is too damp, it will be hard to light and to draw smoke.

3. Causality – This “C” is where your personal taste and judgement comes in. How did the cigar taste to you? Did the cigar draw well and burn evenly all the way through. Did you enjoy the flavor? Did the cigar help you to relax?

Now that you know some of the elements of judging a cigar, check out Bobalu’s Reviews and even submit your own!

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