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1) Relaxing – There are very few things in life more relaxing than smoking a cigar. That’s just a fact. A cigar at the end of the worst day has the power to single handedly change your perspective and make things right.

2) Problem Solver – Got a problem to solve? A good cigar will help. I have solved many a problem in life over a good cigar. Perhaps it’s the relaxing qualities of the cigar, or maybe it’s something else, but a good cigar enhances your ability to think clearly and reason.

3) Camaraderie – the solitude of smoking a cigar by yourself is nice sometimes, but there is nothing like enjoying the company of other cigar enthusiasts when you smoke a cigar. There is a unique bond between cigar guys and it’s easy to strike up a conversation, even if you have never met them before.

4) Conversation Enhancer – conversations are just plain better when you are smoking cigars. No matter who you’re with, the conversation is more interesting, enjoyable, funny, and fruitful when you’re all enjoying a cigar.

5) Hunger Eliminator – I’m a big guy and I could stand to skip a few meals from time to time. It’s a proven fact that smoking cigars can have the effect of reducing your appetite. I often smoke a cigar when I get hungry to lessen hunger pangs or make it easier to eat less. And it works. It’s a natural diet supplement!

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