Cigar Smoking 101: Essential Accessories For The Cigar Smoker

There has been an increase in the number of people who are smoking cigars all over the world which is understandable, especially since cigar smoking is capable of providing enjoyment and relieving stress. It has even become a habit for some. However, just like any other activity, smoking involves the use of certain accessories that can take the smoking experience to the next level. If you are one of the new cigar smokers, then here is a lesson for you, Cigar Smoking 101: Essential Accessories For The Cigar Smoker.

What are the cigar accessories you need to have?

In order for you to be able to properly smoke your cigar, you will need to cut one of its ends. Although you can use a knife or a scissor, it would still be best to use a cutter that has been made specifically for cutting a cigar.

Properly cutting the end of the cigar is considered to be one of the most important parts of smoking. With a proper cut, you are allowing the cigar to release its aroma and flavor, not to mention achieving a smooth draw. Also, if the cigar has a clean cut, it allows an even burn throughout the smoking experience. Most cutters are pocket sized so it is easy to keep them on hand.

Table Top Cutter – Among the different types of cutters out there, one of the most popular one is the table top cutter because it is capable of providing a clean cigar cut. As the name implies, it is more of a stationery cutter and best used at home.

Straight Cutter (Guillotine Cutter) – This cutter is the most commonly used. It provides a straight clean cut, it is easy to use and can be safely carried in a pocket. Double blade straight cutters are available for the best cut. These cutters are best used on smaller ring gauge cigars.

Punch Cutter – There are three types of punch cutters: Bullet, Havana, and Multi-punch. While they have some different features as well as different sizes, they all work by “punching” a hole in the end of the cigar to allow a draw. This is purely a personal decision as it may keep tobacco out of your mouth while smoking, but may not provide a smooth draw.

V-cutter – This cutter looks like a straight cutter or guillotine cutter, but it cuts a wedge into the end of the cigar instead of a straight cut. If it is a good quality v-cutter, it will cut deeper into the filler and can be useful for thicker gauge cigars.


For cigar smokers, lighters are an essential to keep on hand. While not impossible, it is quite difficult to light your cigar without one. There are different kinds of lighters that you can purchase on the market including:

Cedar Spills – One of the best ways to light a cigar is you don’t have a lighter or if you prefer to not risk having liquid fuel affect the flavor of your cigar. You simply light one end of the spill (strip) and use it to light your cigar. These are available at most cigar shops.

Disposable Lighters – such as a Bic type lighter, are good for traveling since certain lighters are not allowed on airplanes and Bics take virtually no space. It’s easy to keep these on hand since they are available at many stores and can store quite easily in your car or cigar box. It may not be the ideal light for a cigar, but they are always there in a pinch.

Zippos Style Lighters – Traditional Zippo style lighters have an iconic feel to them, making them a popular choice among smokers. These lighters have been updated with a double flame torch that works much better than a the single flame of the traditional lighters.

Torch/Jet Flame -These lighters are often preferred among cigar smokers as they work quickly and easily. The double torch lighter style is great for bigger cigars that take longer to light. These lighters are often wind resistant, which makes the process much less frustrating when lighting up outside.

Butane – It is best to use a filtered and highly refined liquid fuel for your lighters. Not only will you enjoy the flavor of your cigar more, it will also keep your lighter in good shape much longer. Be sure to find a fuel that is odorless or at least filtered so that it does not interfere with the flavor of your cigar.


  • Humidors

In order to keep your cigars fresh, a humidor is a must have. How many cigars you keep on hand will determine the size of the humidor that you need. There are 3 common sizes of humidors.

The Walk-in Humidor – is essential if you are an avid collector of cigars or if you own a cigar shop as it will hold many thousands of cigars.

Cabinet Humidor  or Chest Humidor– is capable of storing  several hundred to a couple thousand cigars.

Table Top Humidor – can hold dozens of cigars.

If you are just starting out, you can use a cigar box or bags with some humidifier packs to keep your cigars fresh. These packs can last up to a year. All you need to do is follow the suggested guidelines and you have an easy way to store your cigars. These packs are also perfect for traveling.

When you decide to take your cigars on a trip with you, there are many travel cases from which to choose. Make sure there is plenty of room for the number of cigars you are taking and also check the humidity of the case. Investing in a quality travel case will ensure your enjoyment of cigars while away from home.

  • Hygrometers

If you have a humidor, then there is also a need for you to have a hygrometer to measure the humidity or moisture inside the humidor. Hygrometers are available in analog or digital styles. Typically, it is suggested that you keep your cigars in a humidor at about 70% humidity in order for you to maintain the quality. By doing that, you can also ensure that your cigars would remain fresh and that they would always be ready for you to smoke. Be sure to protect your cigar investment with this essential accessory.


  • Cigar Clip

One minor issue of smoking a great cigar can be wanting to smoke it down to the last little nub without burning your fingers. This problem can be easily solved with a cigar clip. Most of the cigar clips that can be purchased from the market are made from high grade stainless steel while it’s handle is made from a rubber that is heat resistant. Most of them are fully adjustable as well, so that it can accommodate many sizes of cigars.

Some cigar clips can also serve as a cigar rest. This allows you to put your cigar on almost any surface.

  • Cigar Rest

A Cigar Rest is the best accessory for outdoor smoking so that you don’t have to put the cigar on an uneven or awkward surface. It is also an accessory that helps the cigar burn evenly. This accessory is also small and easy to take along.  You can choose functional clips that come in the form of a key chain or go for a more stylish look.

  • Ashtray

Whether you plan to smoke inside or outside your house, you absolutely want to have a good ashtray on hand. Not only does the ashtray serve to keep your space neat and clean, it also provides a safe place for you to rest your cigar while you are not smoking it.  There are many choices ranging from utilitarian to more sophisticated and stylish.

Now that you have an idea of the accessories needed to become a cigar smoker, go ahead and jump in! Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions at your local cigar shop about the best cigars for a novice smoker. The most important thing to remember is that the act of smoking a cigar serves as a way to slow down and enjoy life, if even for a little while.

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