red with pigs tail 1 740 x 350

Check Out These Limited Cigar Rollers Bundle!

The Bobalu Red Label Sun Grown is a customer favorite. It’s a tasty blend of cuban seed Nicaraguan Seco,Viso and aged Nicaraguan lijero fillers topped off with a beautiful Nicaraguan Habano wrapper.

But we’ve added a little “Twist” 🙂

For a very limited time only, our Cuban rollers have created a handmade special featuring an artisan Cuban pigtail cap and unfinished foot (You’ll love how easily these light and evenly they burn).

To keep the cost down, and value high, they’ve bundeled these “Naked” in special “Roller Bundles” of 10. No label, no cello, just beautiful cigars fresh off the roller’s table in all their glory!

Order your’s today before they’re gone for good.

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Bobalu Cigar Company is excited to announce a new online game that offers a chance to win a FREE Texas Select cigar.

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