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Bobalu Double Cappa and Everyday Carry Bag

As I sit here, listening to the Dropkick Murphys, enjoying a Bobalu Double Cappa and the warm evening breeze, I started thinking about all the stuff I carry when I leave the house as far as cigar stuff. What do you guys carry?

I personally think I take too much crap with me, I’m one of those paranoid people who like to be prepared for anything that might pop up. For example, my daily carry just for work. It starts with a 10 count hard case herf, in which resides a Boveda pack, cigar reamer, two different cutters, small compact knife, cigar reamer, two different lighters, and finally, some cigars, usually three or four, even though on average I only have one or two while at work.

Why so much crap you may ask? Preparedness. Boveda pack in case I happen to forget the herf in the work van, the cigars won’t dry out. Cigar reamer in case I have a cigar draw issue. Two different cutters, my V cutter and my punch cutter, the punch cutter also works as a lighter tool with a purger and valve adjuster. Oh, almost forgot, I also carry a can of butane, never know when you might run out. Compact knife? For nubbing of course, even though I normally use the Leatherman I always have strapped to my Batman utility belt for work. The crap that is on that belt is an entirely different story in itself, six pounds of keys, two cell phones, two way radio and a leatherman.

Anyway, back to the cigar stuff. Two different lighters, a multi torch for toasting and primary light of the cigar and a back up single torch for relights and touch ups. As you can see, I like to be prepared. Ashtray you ask? Yes I have one of those I keep in my backpack, one of those ones that has a cigar rest built on it and it fits in your cup holder, very convenient. So am I insane? Maybe. I just like being prepared. There had been a few times where I ended up using the blowtorch in the back of the van to light a cigar when my lighter died and I did not have a back up, luckily that was before I had a beard and I only singed my eyebrows. Live and learn. Maybe I just take cigar smoking too seriously. Then again its a lifestyle, not a habit.

Until next time, keep your lighters full, and keep the air smokey. Feel free to share your stories and what you carry in the comments. Later!

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