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A Food Bloggers Adventure In Bobalu Cigar Co.

An Amazing Food Blogger who is known as “Marcijsmiles” visited Austin and shared her experiences on her blog, Full Throttle Flavor.  While making the full rounds on 6th Street, she and her boyfriend decided to stop into Bobalu. Here is an excerpt from her post:

“We still had time to kill until Trent’s show started so we headed on over to our favorite little cigar shop, Bobalu Cigar Co.  They hand roll their cigars and you are able to watch the cigar rollers in action.

One of MY personal missions in coming directly here upon arrival is getting my Café Cubano, a double please; they have the BEST espresso EVER!  Apparently their espresso is directly imported from Italy; let me say it is strong, flavorful and even creamy.  I had to have 2 doubles this evening in order for me to withstand the long night ahead; I of course had gotten Chris into the drink as well and he had 2 doubles as well.”

We always love to hear about great experiences from our customers! Thanks so much Marcijsmiles! Be sure to check out Full Throttle Blog soon! Beware, you will be hungry after looking at some of those home cooked meals!

For more information about Bobalu Cigar Co., be sure to visit our website.

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