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XXXL Dominican Cigars, Fishing Pole Attacks, and the 4th of July

It’s the holiday weekend, celebrating the 4th of July, a great time to reflect once again on how great our country is, and remember the sacrifice that our forefathers gave in order to get this new republic experiment up and running. And at the time, that is what our country was, an experiment in a new form of government and philosophy, and in the end it lead to the  creation of the greatest country in the world. It’s more than just a long weekend, fireworks, beer and bbq, it’s a celebration of the fight and success over tyranny and the creation of the Constitution which states the freedoms of each and every American.

It is Saturday, I am off work until Tuesday night due to the holiday. I am sitting outside on a dark dreary afternoon, on the cool side and windy, no doubt there is another storm moving in. Screw the weather, time to head out, have a smoke and an energy drink in order to keep my eyes open. That’s part of the joy of working nights, when you have days off you still want to sleep all day. Drink? Check. Cigar? Bobalu XXXL, check. Screaming kids running around? Check. Now to settle my voluptuous derriere into my chair and relax. Or not. Alternatively thwarting attacks from my two year old daughter who’s weapon of choice today happens to be a children sized fishing pole, pretending to eat vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting made lovingly by my six year old daughter out of home made play dough, and picking bugs out of my drink.

I finally manage to get the cigar cut and lit. Keep in mind, I have had these before, and they rank up there in my top five of what Bobalu has to offer. This cigar is composed of a deep dark and rich Brazilian wrapper, and filled with Lijero leaves from the Dominican, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Triple the Lijero which is where the name XXXL comes from, not inspired from the size of that Walmart cashiers underwear. As the result of the triple threat of Lijeros, you will be getting a good solid strong cigar. Not for the meek. The sniff test gave off elements of leather, barn and chocolate, very nice. I went with a straight cut on this one, and due to my own stupidity, cut it a little too far so the cap pretty much fell off when I started smoking. Go me, Mr Cigar needs lessons on how to cut the damn thing. Moving on. This is a real smokey kind of cigar, produces a lot of white clouds of goodness. The smoke itself has a real nice room not of chocolate and a bit of nuttiness. The flavor of the cigar is real appealing also, it starts off with a little chocolate, bits of leather and earth, and a hint of salt, that gradually developed into more leather, earth and then the spicy pepper kicks in. Very nice indeed.

I like cigars where the flavors change and develop, makes for a more interesting experience. The saltiness I got at the beginning also went away and an underlying sweetness appeared. Hold on a second, I wasn’t paying attention and I ashed myself. Typical. The ash itself is solid, grayish white, and apparently likes my shorts. Needless to say, I will be nubbing the crap out of this cigar, until the knife blade gets hot and my mustache burns. Thank God I have more in the humidor. If you would like some in your humidor, visit and order some. Starting at $6 each, they are a steal for the quality you get.  A side note, orange flavored energy drink is not the best drink to be paired with this cigar. Coffee of course would be better. Clouds are rolling in again, time to finish up this smoke and hope the rain stays away.

Until next time, open your mind, try something different, who knows, you might even like it.


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