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Women Smoking Cigars, Part II

More and more women are finding that smoking a cigar can be a way to relax. In fact, about 2 percent of US Women are smoking cigars now, compared with about 9 percent of US Men.

According to an article in INDYSTARmore women are enjoying cigars with their husbands on their patios over a drink or even in the bathtub! Many Cigar Manufacturers, like Bobalu Cigar Co.are making flavored cigars to engage women cigar smokers.

There are other, more fastidious,  women cigar smokers who wouldn’t touch a flavored cigar. Women can feel empowered by lighting up a stogie and some prefer an authentic cigar as opposed to flavors.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, why not give some thought to giving Mom the gift of relaxation and order some premium hand rolled cigars for her. Visit Bobalu’s Website to shop our wide selection. Oh, and, you can earn reward points while you’re at it!

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