the rules of smoking

The Rules Of Cigar Smoking

For those of you who aren’t avid cigar smokers, you may not know there are a number of unwritten rules surrounding cigar smoking. For our Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, you may practice these rituals or rules and may have something to add. We will discuss a few here and welcome your feedback on these rules or others you may know of.

When shopping for cigars, you can gently squeeze cigars to test for moisture. Be sure to not squeeze to hard or you may damage the cigar. Also, smelling the cigars may be frowned upon.

There is a great debate about whether to remove cigar bands as you are smoking. Some feel that leaving the band on an expensive cigar is “showing off” while others don’t seem to mind. Perhaps the best approach is to follow your own preference on keeping the band on or removing it, but to not make a big deal about the brand you are smoking.

The last rule that we will examine is extinguishing your cigar. If you should need to put out your cigar, please do not crush it like a cigarette. This will result in a very foul smell. By simply leaving the cigar in an ashtray, it will go out on it’s own. At that point you can discard the cigar or relight it later. For best results, try to finish the cigar within an hour to avoid bitter tastes.

Are there other rules that we should discuss? How important are these rules? Let us know, we value your feedback!

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