Starting My Bobalu Limited Edition Habano Dominican Cigars Series #1!

You saw me write about this last week, but I still hadn’t had a chance to try one. So I drove down to Bobalu today to smoke one of their Limited Edition Habano Dominican Series #1’s before they’re all sold out (they’ll be about 60% sold through very soon).

Watch me light this baby up and take my first taste!

Also, in this video,  I’ll give you a sneak peak at Bobalu’s ultra-cool, Super Premium Elluminato Oro and it’s awesome Carbon Fiber packaging.

Enjoy the video.  Get your Limited Edition Habano Dominican Series #1 now at (before they’re all gone).

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Play cigar match game and win free cigars

Bobalu Cigar Company is excited to announce a new online game that offers a chance to win a FREE Texas Select cigar.

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