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How To Properly Draw A Cigar

In order to get full enjoyment of the flavors and aromas of your cigar, it is important to draw on the cigar properly.

The first step in achieving a proper draw in your cigar is to get a clean cut of the head. Double bladed guillotine cutters are good at providing consistent cuts, but there are other cutters available if you prefer. Find a quality cigar shop that you trust and they will be able to educate you on different cutters.

 According to Cigar.com, to draw a cigar properly, try the “1-2-3 method.” In this method, each draw is a series of three puffs, the first two being strong and short with a long and solid third puff. This technique allows for the oils at the foot of the cigar (the lit end) to heat up quickly before drawing onto the palate. 

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