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WARNING: This cigar is NOT for everybody (I’m not kidding, I tried it myself the other day. I prefer a little milder cigar and this one KICKED my BOOTY!)

But if you’re an experienced cigar smoker that likes ’em a bit more stout, then I do believe you have just found yourself a brand new favorite cigar! The taste of our new Annihilation cigar is just phenominal… very unique. Just be prepared to sit back and enjoy it away from heavy machinery because I can guarantee this one will tie on a sizeable buzz!

Introductory Special:
Try Annihilation today at 50% off all single cigars (Online orders only. Orders may be picked up at The Cigar Factory or shipped).

Buy 1 or buy 1000. No minimum, no maximum. Just 50% off a great new cigar that I know you’re going to love. Sale ends 7/13/15

P.S. Let us know how much you love the new Annihilation. Post your picture enjoying it on our Facebook page, and write a review in our company store!

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