Keith Urban

Have You Heard These Keith Urban Lyrics?

Who knows if Keith Urban smokes cigars, we do know that smoking cigars is part of the lyrics in  his song, “A Little Bit of Everything”.

While the song is being touted by Rudy Fernandez as a “Fun Summertime Tune” we just appreciate anything written about chilling out and having a good time; especially when cigar smoking is involved!

Check out part of the song lyric:

Now I don’t need a garage full of cars
But I’ll take a whole box of Cuban cigars
And I’ll smoke ‘em nice and slow
Like they were good for me
Don’t need a ranch or a big piece of land
But I like to get a little bit of dirt on my hands
A big ole couch in a big ole room
Still feels lonely when it’s just you
Yes it does

To see the rest of the lyrics and watch the video of this song, click here.

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