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Cellophane Wrapper On or Off? Next to the real or fake Cuban argument, the discussion of whether to leave the cellophane on or off your cigars is a close second in the heated debates of the cigar world. Sitting here in the warm breeze, listening to talk radio and puffing on a naked Bobalu Maduro, I thought I’d thrown in my two cents. Not that I have two cents. The two sides of the argument seem to be pretty set in their ways, and also have good motives to back up their position. No! Never take the cello off! scream the cello on people, The cello helps protect the cigar, prevents tobacco beetles from going from cigar to cigar like a rabid Tasmanian devil! The cello prevents cross flavoring between cigars! If they are shipped with cello, then they should be kept in cello! All valid points really.

Guffah, pish posh, and harumph, say the cello off people. The humidor is there to protect the cigar, not the cello they say, take the cello off so that the cigar can breathe, let it be naked and free! Cello does not stop beetles, they drill through that too, keep your humidor set right and you have no beetle worries so take the cello off! Unless you have infused and flavored cigars in the same humidor as non flavored, there is no danger of cross flavoring!

Grumble snort…you cello off people are insane nudists who just like things being naked.

Sigh, you cello on types are all uptight and close minded.

Well, here’s my opinion, based on research and personal experience. So am I cello on or off? I’m neither. After doing research and dealing with my own humidor, there is no apparent advantage of taking it off or leaving it on. It’s up to your personal preference. Yes I do agree that if you have flavored cigars, keep the cello on, and more importantly, keep them in a separate humidor away from the non flavored cigars. Common sense really. The only true argument that I have seen for taking the cello off, was if you are planning on aging your cigars for a year or more. I have read that taking the cello off in those situations, allows the cigar to breath more and helps it age. Do I personally leave the cello on or take it off? Normally I leave it on because, being lazy, I don’t feel like spending the ten minutes it would take to take the cello off. As far as aging, I like to smoke, so I smoke my cigars and don’t age them more than a month or so before I do light them up. They are to be enjoyed, not looked at in my opinion. Sure I go have a few special cigars that I am saving for special occasions, but some have the cello on and a couple don’t. It’s just how I put them in the humidor, and that is how they will rest. So really folks, instead of getting your undies in a twist over this issue, just do whatever makes you happy, because quite frankly, it doesn’t matter either way. Smoke them, enjoy them, and relax.

Until next time, light them up and burn them down.


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