the big 3

It’s Here! The Big 3 Cigar Taster!

Enjoy some of the finest cigars you’ll ever smoke featuring premium tobacco from around the world! For one very low price, you get cigars from the Big 3, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, NICARAGUA and HONDURAS.

This cigar taster is perfect for comparing the difference of the tobaccos from the big 3 regions. You get 15 of our finest cigars in one humidified pack:

Bobalu Box Press Maduro
Bobalu Blue Label Double Maduro
Bobalu Red Label Habana Sungrown
Bobalu Silver Label Rosado Limitado
Bobalu Black Label Cameroon Maduro
Bobalu White Label Sumatran
Bobalu Yellow Label Connecticut Shade
Bobalu Texas Select Ecuador Sumatran
Bobalu Doble Capa Connecticut/Maduro
Bobalu Orange Label Super Fuerte Criollo
Bobalu Cabinet Selection Corojo
Bobalu 15th Anniversary Bullet
Bobalu Purple Label Oscuro
Bobalu XXXL Triple Lijero
Bobalu Campana Hanbano
This is a limited edition cigar sampler, Try One Today!

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