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Awesome Customer Service Review

Here at Bobalu, we take great pride in offering our customers top notch service! Check out this awesome customer service review we received from one of our newer customers:

“This is my first time dealing with your company.  Thus far, things are off to a good start.  I am consistently amazed at how lackadaisical many companies are about replying to correspondence in a timely manner.  You were quick, efficient and effective.  Based on that, I felt comfortable about making my purchase.
If you ever believe the little things don’t matter, remember this E-Mail.  Thank you” – Steve De Giso

The reason we get these awesome reviews is simple:

“every customer, potential customer, past or future matters to us. and we answer the phone!    thanks for your order and hope to hear from you often.”  –   Jeff    owner

That attitude is carried throughout our entire staff ensuring that every customer will receive award winning service from Bobalu Cigar Co. each and every time!

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